As noted in my discussion of research elsewhere on this website, I am committed to unpacking the relationships between my research and pedagogy. I see each as informing the other. Accordingly, I endeavor to both bring my research into the classroom and to theorize, implement, and publish on different elements of my pedagogy. For more on the latter, please see the specific project descriptions below.

Pinterest, Public Speaking, and Rhetorical Invention

Pinvention: Updating Commonplace Books for the Digital Age” is a co-authored article (with Michele Kennerly) that appeared in a 2015 issue of Communication Teacher. This article outlines a semester-long assignment utilizing Pinterest as a tool for student invention and innovation. The abstract for the article is below.

Courses: This semester-length project suits the following courses, although instructors may find it applicable to others as well: Public Speaking, Speechwriting, Introduction to Communication, Rhetorical Criticism, and Communication and Technology.

Objectives: This digital project helps students achieve the following objectives: (1) to organize digitally abundant sources during the research process (for multiple assignments over the course of a semester or for one only); (2) to visualize and spatialize their findings; and (3) to incorporate images and other non-traditional scholarly sources into their presentations or projects, or at least into their preliminary planning stages.

Civic Ekphrasis:
Description, Public Speaking, and Student Engagement

This is an ongoing research project that works to bridge the ancient tradition of ekphrasis (description) with public speaking and civic engagement. In particular, this project works around a major speaking assignment in a public speaking class geared toward civic engagement and public advocacy. It encourages students to draw upon ekphrasis as a mechanism for bringing important civic artifacts “before mind’s eyes” of their peers.

This portion of the website will be updated as additional details on this and other projects become available.